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Aswini Hair Oil Reviews

Every hair has a story of its own. It’s unique and special in its way. Aswini Homeo & Ayurvedic Hair oil is made to cater to the needs of all kinds of hair. Aswini hair oil for dandruff control, hair loss control, and general well-being of the hair. Non-sticky, fast-absorbing, and can be used on wet or dry hair. It takes the guidance of the ancient Ayurvedic and Homeo solutions for modern hair problems. Here are some of the Aswini hair oil reviews from our customers for dandruff control, hair loss control, and general well-being of the hair.

Reviews for Dandruff Control

What is dandruff?
Dandruff is a common condition that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. Symptoms include flaking and sometimes mild itchiness. Dandruff is related to Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD). It can result in social or self-esteem. Many people try to get rid of dandruff naturally. There are several ways to manage dandruff, including hair care products, lifestyle changes, and medications. These tips can help you deal with dandruff and prevent it from happening again. Do not use anti-dandruff shampoos every day.

How does Aswini hair oil help with dandruff?
Aswini hair oil improves blood circulation to the hair roots and controls dandruff. Normalize the ph of the scalp to prevent dandruff; promote hair growth and help to remove dandruff from the scalp; strengthen the roots and make them healthier by removing dirt. It controls & cures dandruff with the goodness of Arnica – a homeopathic compound-based hair oil. Here are some of the Aswini hair oil reviews from our customers for dandruff control.

A person with an itchy scalp and dandruff.

Use only aswini hair oil

“Aswini hair oil is good for health and improve the growth of the hair. It’s control hair fall and prevent from dandruff. It’s nourish the hair make them silky and shining. Make the dry to nourish , strong and thick. Stop the most of all hair problems.”

rair547, Ghaziabad, India

Best for Dandruff Control

I give 10 out of 10 to this products. Best for dandruff control, & in a week I saw an inch hair growth. Value of money.

Sumita Santra

Best hair oil

I started to use aswini homeo arnica hair oil from last one year. I will say the best hair oil. Before that I used vatika oil and many other. But after using aswini I feel change. Hair loss became less for me. It increase blood circulation to the roots and surely promote hair growth. It also prevent dandruff. Before going to sleep if you apply you will have good sleep. Aswini hair oil doesn’t need any kind of promotion. 200 ml cost you 122/-. Very good hair oil for hair growth.

mouchak792, karnataka India

Prevented Dandruff

Lubricant grease like substance due to dandruff used to form over my skull, causing severe itch on my head. But after using Aswini Homoeo Hair Oil, gradually that substance formation has reduced and consequently itching also reduced. My overall experience is Aswin’s hair oil effectively controlled dandruff in my case and performance has been excellent as for me.


Best Chemical Free Oil

Best oil in this price in the market. The most loveable part in this, its chemical free, & also good for dandruff control. Used many hairoil but this one is best for me.

Sashi Pal, Saltlake, Kolkata

Amazing Hair oil

It’s always a struggle to grow hair out long and healthy, while still using heat on your hair. Sometimes it seems impossible to be able to put down the straightener and curling iron. Aswini hair oil is the best for long growth of hair, shining hair, maintaining color, deep nourishment of hair roots & scalp, checking loss of hair, stopping premature greying of hair, preventing from dandruff, whiteness, regrowth of hair, sleeplessness & headache.

rohittiharch, Pathankot India

Whenever I recommend this product.

Hello everyone, I would like share my sweet experience about Aswini hair oil. I have used the product more than 2 years. I have seen the many result to my hair shine. Since, my mom recommended to this product. I have facing hair falling problems, I can used the this oil only 2 weeks then I will get more results. Hair fall stop. Hair shine. No dandruff problems. The manufacture adding few chemicals and more than natural product. This is very useful product. No side effects. Value of money. I would informed to all, Please buy a Aswini Homeo Hair Oil. Thanks for all.

Siva121214, Chennai India

Aswini Homeo Arnica Oil

“ASWINI HOMEO HAIR OIL Aswini Homeo Arnica hair oil popularly known as Aswini Hair oil is a medicinal oil which has to be used on to the skull. Since its launch in Andhra Pradesh in the year 1991, the sales of the product had recorded steady growth. In 1994, Aswini Hair oil acquired the highest market share in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The magical performance of the product had created overwhelming response in the southern India and soon opinions and enquiries started flodding in from various corners of the country and even outside. The product uses pure coconut oil as its base. The coconut oil used is extracted from the best quality copra available in Aleppey district in Kerala. Next, the oil is enriched with a variety of medicinal herbs eminently suired for hair problems. The three main medicines used are ARNICA, CANTHARIS & CINCONA. All the three medicines has its own district advantages. Apart from that a perfect combination of all three gives rise to the active 3 growth formula – the slogan used to position the product. The unique formulation of this oil was made by an eminent homeopath doctor which later created waves in the hair oil market. As previously told the efficacy of the product lies mainly with its three most important medicines namely ARNICA which improves the blood circulation to hair roots. This in turn prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth CANTHARIS enriches the scalp with nutrients which helps to cure and control dandruff CINCHONA is a natural scalp coolant, relieves headache and ensures sound sleep. The combined effect of all these and pilocarpine prevents premature greying of the hair The oil has to be directly massaged on to the scalp for best results overnight. The benefits of using the hair oil are many:

Checks hair loss, Controls and prevents dandruff, Promotes hair growth, Keeps the scalp cool, Health headache, Prevents premature graying of hair, Ensures sound sleep”

gmax2k4, Ocala United States of America

Reviews for Hair Loss Control

What is Hair Loss, and how does it happen?
To understand hair loss, we need to know that hair follicle growth occurs in cycles. Hair Loss termed Alopecia is the loss of hair from the scalp. Each phase consists of a long growing phase, a short transitional phase, and a short resting phase. At the end of the resting phase, the hair falls out, and new hair grows in the follicle, beginning the cycle again.
What are the causes?
The common reasons for hair loss are poor Blood Circulation, Lack of Nutrition, Infection, Pregnancy, Pollution, Lack of Exercise, Stress & Lack of Sleep.
How does Aswini hair oil help?
Aswini hair oil is an Arnica, a homeopathic compound-based hair oil that promotes hair growth fights dandruff, and reduces hair loss. This natural oil contains high-quality ingredients that will work together to promote hair growth and keep your locks healthy. It nourishes hair follicles and helps to thicken the hair and make them strong and shiny. It softens the hair and promotes hair growth. Here are some of the Aswini hair oil reviews from our customers for hair loss control.

A person suffering from hair loss

Helps to control hairfall

After using this hair oil for 3months now I like this, because its help to control hairfall and its also help to reduce dryness.

Mousumi Roy, Saltlake, Kolkata.
Ultimate hair care product

I was suffering from mayhem hairfall and dandruff problems and all other overrated hair care products was lacking to provide me the desired results. And after some research I saw an advertisement of Aswini Hair Oil in one of the dailies and thought to give it a shot. And after using it for 1 month I saw some great differences. My hairfall stopped, my dandruff problem was gone and my hair was visibly shiny, thick and black. It made my hair easy to manage and style . It is an amazing product with great results. Packaging and the smell of the product is aslo very good. Really satisfied and happy wiyh the results.

koushanigupta124, India

Get release from hair fall

I was suffering from hair fall from last few months. My lifestyle isn’t so relaxing so that I can spend a lots of time to care my hair. So I thought of apply this product. Ingredients: Coconut oil, amica mont, cantharis, cinchona, pilocarpine etc. Fragrance: A little bit strong. You have to wash your hair 2/3 times by shampoo after use this oil. Application: Have to apply directly in your hair roots. Hair Shine: Yes, it’s helpful to shine your dull and damage hair. My experience: Packing is not so attractive, it’s come in a green plastic flip cap bottle and it’s not a travel friendly one. Before using this I used to feel headache but its gone after using this. My hair fall amount is reduce vary fast. At the same time I can see some baby hair in my hair line. The result of the product is really amazing. I’ll definitely use this next. Styling: It’s not a sticky oil. So it’s good to use. Price: 100ml bottle is Rs. 64. Availability: Yes, Its available in any medical or cosmetic shop near to you.

srila3007, Kurigram Bangladesh

Affordable and solvable product

It is almost four years now I am using Aswini hair oil and its others products. price is very cheap compared with the other products in the market. the smallest pack comes with rupees 20 only. it is made out of real coconut because in winter the oil freezes, and when you heat up the oil you can see the medicine in it. It cools your head, thickens your hair, reduces hair fall. you can see the changes and also the positive results just within seven days. the aroma of the oil is really good. when your hair will be healthy it will definitely shines and stylist.on the whole it is really worthy of your price.

riktak92, Malda India

Got silky hair after using Aswini Homeo hair oil

I like the result of Aswini Homeo Hair oil. I started using this since 6 months & the result is amazing. It Nourished my scalp & its strengthened my hair strands. I got special result only after the massage of my head from Aswini Hair Oil. One thing I really appreciate about this hair oil is it is affordable and it brings back original colour of the hair. It can also helps to reduce the hair fall. My hair is thick and shining now because of Aswini Hair Oil. I suggest ladies to use this and see the result.

Wadekar100, Mumbai India

Cap Design to be improve to avoid the wastage

Hai , I am B.Manikkannan, past two month I am using “Aswini Homeo Hair Oil” to prevent my Hair fall.After using this product I got better result compared to some other popular Brands. But I have one small concern for the design of the Cap.while transferring the oil , it was spread the sides of every usage, necessary to wipe the what my suggestion is to make the design of Cap Hole little bit up right position like parachute oil. so, it will be increase the productivity.

erumbur, chennai India

Impressed with results

Aswini is really help me in reducing hairfall, I have tried many oils which claims to reduce hairfall, but I am really impressed with the result of this hairoil.

Sanchita Choudhuri, Malda,W.B

Aswini is the Best Hair Oil

Hey hi aswini Hair Oil Team. Tis is Padma here. Am very happy and glad tat I am using Aswini hair oil and its a very good product. My hairfall, dandruff and head ache problem has completely stopped now. I am using Aswini hair oil from last 7and half years. Am 20 yrs now and am very glad that I have used and using Aswini hair oil. I have no words to write as its such a wonderful product. so HATS OFF to Aswini Hair Oil. I hope by seeing tis review all gals, ladies and everyone wil purchase Aswini hair oil. So gals wat are you thinking, juz purchase tis Aswini hair oil and even you ppl have a great hairs. Yours sinscerely Padma

padma300, Bangalore India

Better Product

Ashwini Homeo Hair Oil is on of the best hair oil. Any one can use men and wemen both. It is a cool product no other side efects. If you have hair then you can shine your hair. If you suffring from hair fall it wont work. Women can use this oil for get shine and silky hair. Some things about Ashwini Homeo Hair Oil. Fragrance is ok. Oil quality is good My last word is it is a avarage product.

msnaikm, Bangalore India

Ashwini- best for dry hair.

As how most of the people are worrying of their hair fall and dry hair I was one of them but when my sister suggested Ashwini unwillingly(because I used so many brands earlier) I started using Ashwini from 6 mths surprisingly it is working, when I touch my hair I feel the difference now my dry hair is slowly becoming smooth. I don’t know whether it is working on hair fall or not but it is really working on dry hair. I think I have to continue using Ashwini to avoid hair fall.

sarikapattem1, India

Prevents Hair Fall

Since two month I am using “Aswini Homeo Hair Oil” to prevent my Hair fall. After using this product, I got better results compared to some other popular Brands. But I have one small concern for the design of the Cap. While transferring the oil, it was spread the sides of cap. so every usage, necessary to wipe the Cap. so what my suggestion is to make the design of Cap Hole little bit up right position like parachute oil. So, it will increase the productivity.

DF89, Mumbai India

First use, then believe

When I started this product I think this also not working. Because I lose my hair day by day. I have to use any hair oil. Even I used so many hair oils like vatika, paras out many more. Those are not worked but when I used it I think its working. First try then believe. One of my frind sister is using this then I asked your hair is looking good, and very long hair. Then I asked can u told what u using for your hair. Then she told me use this hair oil atleast every two days. Then I think ok I will do. As I hate to use hair oil. But when I am losing my hairs then I know what important.

pravash003, visakhapatnam India

Stopped hair fall

Dear Aswini team, I was using many many hair oils years and years. But my hair fall was not stopped. And dandruf problems also more and more. But on using Aswini developments came. Its a big mistry to me and my relatives , neighbours. Thanks fully to Aswini and Aswini only. Now my relatives and neighbours also started using the magic wond to hair the Aswini hair oil. Thank You. Yours Sincerely, R.Johnsy Rani, Dindigul.


Reviews for Hair growth/Regrowth

With Aswini’s hair care oil, beautiful hair is more than just gloss and promise. It’s real nourishing care that lasts. We have combined modern hair science with ancient ayurvedic knowledge to develop products that don’t act on the superficial surface but at the roots for long-lasting hair, keeping the scalp naturally cool and supporting hair regrowth. It helps to balance oil production in the scalp and adds volume to thin and lifeless hair. It is ideal for normal to dry scalps and for all hair types. Apply to clean, damp hair and massage through the hair gently using your fingers. To see the best results, use it at least twice a week. Nourishes the scalp and balances the production of natural oils from the follicles – strengthens weak and damaged hair follicles and reduces hair loss & premature greying of hair. Here are some of the Aswini hair oil reviews from our customers general well-being of the hair.

I was suffering from dandruff problem, I started using Aswini homeo hair oil since 5months . After using this hair oil I feel very change. this oil fragrance is superb. It raise the blood circulation to the roots and hair looking very shiny. it is affordable and it brings back real color of the hair. if you apply before sleeping, you will have good sleep. Package of this product is very acceptable. Really it is satisfied to use. I suggest to use all girls this Aswini hair oil and see the good result.


I am happy with This oil

I started using this oil .my hair growth is very fast and smell is good .i am putting daily to my hair .it is working good for headache also. I am feeling stressfree using this hair oil.make your hair shine. This hair oil makes your hair strong.i promise you guys with my experience. This is best for cost. You also try this oil . share your opinion.

varaprasadamere, Hyderabad India


I’m using aswini hair oil for 2 months. I have heavy hair loss after dengu hair loss step by step reduced and little hair started to growth. I put specs.Usually high fragrance creates headache to me.This oil is light weight and free from headache.No side effect


Hair oil works like magic

This oil works like magic, but you have to be patient with this one. Best in market, with reasonable price.

Purbasa Basu, North24Pgs.W.B

Excellent product

I use this product from my childhood. My hair is very smooth and strong after using this. Previous year I was coloured my hair after that my hair got freeze and rough because I forget to use it. Then I buy again and used it. I got my previous look and now my hair is smooth, shine and strong as before. Thank you Aswini Hair oil.

mohapatram73, India
Hair regrowth is depicted on a bald head.

Definitely a great product

Very nice products, just used for 20days, & now I got the results, control my hair loose, & also regrowth because I have small hair. Definitely a good products in market.

Mausam Roy, PurbaMedinipur, W.B

Less Price More Result

Aswini hair oil is a home product and also gives best result. First of all we have to use this regular because in starting itself the product cannot give best result . After using this hair oil it reduces hair loss and makes hair growing continuously. Hair looks very strong and shinny and attractive to others . Because of using this we will easily able to change hair style in different model as we like . This oil is best for user

porselvidrm, India

Best homeo hair oil

Aswini is a leading consumer product company in India. Aswini Hair oil is very useful for ladies and also gents.Recently I went to vemulawada to hair cut.after few days hair growth started. but very slowly. I changed different hair oils. but there is no use. Finally my friend suggested Aswini Hair Oil to use. I started Using Aswini Hair Oil. it ia really wonder. After few days Hair is growing normally and silky. I use Aswini Hair Oil every alternate day in the Night and wil do head bath by herbal shampoo. it is very cool and refreshing. Thanks to Ashwini Homeo Products.

vijjulov, hyderabad India
Family loves this oil

This oil magically works in my hair. Super easy to apply. Now my family in love with this, small idea but great impact.

Saheli Ghosh, Bhawanipur, Kolkata

Ok ok product.

Hi friends, Ashwini homeo hair oil is ok to use as it does not have any side effects. But still it is not that best because of it’s stickyness and an unususal odour. one of my friend used to use it but left using it as the effects of this oil are bit slower. but as it does not have any side effects one can definitely try using it. one very important suggestion while using this oil is to avoid the unusual odour otherwise it will be very difficult for you to apply it regularly.

vishwam123, Hyderabad India